Why Is My Home Always A Tip?….

Cleaning has always been a problem for me. It’s not that I don’t want to do it and enjoy living in a pig sty it’s simply a matter of time!

Until I decided to bite the bullet and spend my hard earned cash on a weekly clean by Fulham cleaners (who are excellent by the way) I was constantly trying to uncover cleaning hacks that would save me time.

One thing I learnt in my cleaning journey was by creating simple habits that I completed naturally on a daily basis, greatly reduced the overall time I needed to spend cleaning:

Put clothes away


Always have a place for all your clothes and once you take them off you their put them to their places or in the laundry.

Wipe kitchen worktops every evening


A simple habit but helps a lot in preventing food and dirt from sticking to the surfaces.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Junk


Stuff that you don’t use will always get dusty, getting rid of the will make your house tidy and you will have less mess to deal with when cleaning the house.

Empty The Dishwasher Every Morning


It will take less time and reduces evening work. Making dinner will certainly be a lot easier.

Do a 15 minute pick up. Taking some time to clean different areas of your home helps to keep the home tidy and clean. You can do it by yourself or involve the whole family.

Top Tips For Staying Warm This Winter

Staying warm during winter is the number one priority for each one of us. Everyone struggles to leave not one piece of our skin exposed.

In most of the times, hot drinks like chocolate and herbal teas work amazingly in keeping most of us warm at this freezing moment.

Herbal tea for instance, comes infused with lots of real, healthy bits and pieces that can aid in warming and cleanse your interior and leaves you feeling fresh and invigorated.


What about ginger and peppermint?

Something you don’t know is that ginger is ideal for boosting circulation and also adored for its flu-fighting capabilities. Peppermint, on the other hand, it’s good for the liver and fully packed with antioxidants.

The other tip is to cover all exposed parts of your nooks and cranny. Invest in some blankets, sweaters, and jackets. It’s also good to note that as far as blankets are concerned, thin and dense blankets combating heat loss.

ginger tea with mint and lemon on black background blurred

To add on this as a bonus for you, never put your bed right to a wall, you’ll be better if you allow a little space.

Our next tip would be on working outs. Do you know working out for only a short time each day releases feel-good chemicals which help combat winter blues? Try doing some exercises and you’ll notice this.

I know it’s difficult to get motivated to exercise in winter because it’s freezing outside but still, try it and at the end, you’ll realize that it’s amazingly good, and help you stay warm this winter.

The other one is a company. Two are better than one. Get someone to stay close to you. If you find none, a hot water bottle can become your best friend. You can also substitute thin curtains with heavier woolen ones or fleece drapes.

Video courtesy of Snowman heating and cooling services in Melbourne

If you do this, remember to keep them open on sunny days or else you’ll roast yourself.

Our last tip would be on cooking and especially baking. Do you know using an oven will warm up the whole house? Bake some cookies and invite your friends. All of you would start sweating after a third cookie.

Are You Pregnant? We Are!!!!

As you can probably guess from the topic of today’s post we have had some very good news!!

At the time of writing this Sonya is 12 weeks pregnant and the whole family is over the moon.

We don’t want the blog to turn into all things pregnant, but thought it fitting that we covered the topic in some capacity.

So without further ado here are 3 signs you might be pregnant – exciting isn’t it!!

1. Tenderness and darkening of breasts.


Just like it does happen before periods, breast tenderness is a sign that a woman is pregnant, only that, this time round it is more intense and persistent. There is also an increase in woman’s breasts size, as her body prepares to produce milk. Also, the breast nipples(areolas) will be dark than normal.

Video – CheckPregnancy

2. Food craving/food aversions

Food cravings can start as early as few weeks after conception. In most instances, you will either crave for more food and foods which are not your favorite. On the other hand, you can find yourself avoiding certain foods due to the heightened sense of smell which usually leads to one feeling nauseated.

3. Feeling tired, lazy and exhausted (fatigue).


Due to high levels of progesterone during the 1-6 weeks after conception, it is likely you will have little energy and most of the time you will feel fatigued. Feeling tired is one of the few common signs of pregnancy in the first trimester.

Best Yoga Pants: Lululemon or Fabletics

Best Yoga Pants: Lululemon or Fabletics

Forty years ago, Ryan McLatchy came with a strange, but yet very innovative invention, Yoga pants.  A lot of controversy floated around this new fashion accessory but now yoga pants are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.  In today’s fashion industry, with over 2,700 brands that are producing Yoga pants you often wonder: who makes the best yoga pants at the best price?

We tried to answer that question for you and to find the best products, so let’s focus on two famous brands: Lululemon and Fabletics.

Lululemon Yoga pants

When you say Lululemon you think about luxury, about premium quality and about class.  So naturally, even their Yoga pants would fit their standards.  From Kim Kardashian to Kate Middleton, a lot of celebrities are wearing Yoga pants from Lululemon.

It is no longer a secret that a lot of women around the globe are wearing Lululemon Yoga pants instead of jeans because they are so comfortable, they have a nice design and they feel awesome on you, and yeah they make your butt look GOOD.   So if you like wearing Yoga pants in public or at work, and if you can get away with at work, then Lululemon Yoga pants are awesome.

yoga-vs-jeansImage – https://www.stylewe.com/category/dresses-59

Fabletics Yoga pants

However, if you like to wear Yoga pants on a daily basis but 200$ for a pair seems a little bit expensive, then you should check the Yoga pants from Fabletics. They have a lot of models to choose from, and they promise that the quality of their Yoga pants beats their competition (we all know who they are talking about).

We went to their website and indeed, you can get two pieces of Largo Sound with only 25$. But how can they afford selling their products that cheap and mantain the high quality. Well, the answer is simple: while a lot of their competitors are investing more and more in advertising campaigns, Fabletics focused on providing quality and earning positive reviews and recommendations. So it’s a win-win situation, for them and for you.

It’s a matter of perspective Even though we presented you the pros and cons of each brand we cannot tell you want to choose. That’s because this decision is subjective. Like the old saying ‘On taste and smell there is no point in arguing.’

The fact is that the only thing that could make a difference between a great deal and a terrible decision is entirely based on your preferences. So we advise you to think about, what do you want and to choose the best deal for you.

8 Tips For Posing In Prom Photos

It only seems like yesterday me and Sonya were getting glammed up to go on our prom night.

We had a great time and have some excellent photos to prove it!

With the prom season upon us here are some tips to get the perfect pose for those Instagram-worthy prom photos.

Video courtesy of http://thepromphotographers.co.uk

1) Choose a pose which suits your body type and highlights your best features. Search for photos online for inspiration.

2) Practice this pose in front of the mirror.

3) Go through your old photos and see which is your favorite pose. Being natural helps in getting some great photos.


4) Add a slight angle to your pose as straight photos tend to make you look wider.#

5) Make people stand at various heights in group photos. A large group standing on the ground at the same level looks like a school photograph.

6) Include your parents in the photograph. It is an important day for them too and the pictures will be a lifetime memory.

7) Ask your friends to take a lot of candid shots during the prom. impromptu photos turn out more natural and less forced.


8) Take pictures with your BFFS. Friends make you comfortable and that shows in the prom photos.

So these are some tips to get the perfect shot at your prom. These pictures will be a constant reminder of the lovely time you had that day.

5 Health Benefits Of Honey

If your anything like me and my sister you will absolutely love the honey, almost as much as Winne The Pooh!


Not only does it taste delicious but also has some excellent health benefits not many people know about.

Without further a do here are 5 health benefits to eating honey:

1. Keeps cancer and heart disease under control

The mentioned flavonoids and antioxidants aids reducing the risk of heart disease and make honey a proven anti-cancer agent, even better to chemotherapy, according to some recent scientific studies.

2. Regulates blood sugar


Don’t be confused by its sweetness: honey’s exact proportion of fructose and glucose, in fact helps our metabolism regulate blood sugar levels.

3. Aids on ulcers and gastroenteritis

Recent studies have shown that honey also known as madu has a great impact on healing stomach ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis.

4. Improves athletic performance

Honey helps maintaining glycogen levels and an improved recovery time after exercise routines over other sweeteners.

5. Reduces coughs


In a recent study, some children with nighttime cough some were given honey 30 minutes before they went to bed and the next day, all of them coughed less frequently and severely. Also, they could sleep better than the night before.

Is There A Treatment For Blushing? Because I Need One!

I hate getting embarrassed and blushing I really do. Sonya is cool, calm and collective in every situation, me on the other hand…..

The final straw was on a first date recently, when I really fancied the guy which caused a huge fit of blushing, which wasn’t exactly the vibe I wanted to give off!

This led me to do some research on the internet to really find out if there was a treatment for blushing out there, here’s what I uncovered…..


Blushing is a physiological response that is considered to be instantaneous in relation to a certain situation. These are cases in which a person finds himself/herself in a situation that has the potential to embarrass. Blushing is a problem to many people who suffer from social anxiety disorder.

When a person feels that he or she has been made the center of attention and everyone is staring at them they blush. Other instances that can cause a person to blush is when put on the spot and asked questions in front of a group of people .

Those who suffer from social anxiety can be prone to this situations and these are triggers to blushing.

People who suffer from blushing can be treated .Cognitive therapy can be used to address social anxiety and catalysts that trigger blushing. Through cognitive therapy, those who are affected by blushing are guided on how to feel, think, and believe different from the past. Cognitive therapy is something that takes time and needs patience to work.


How To Save Your Skin From Air Conditioning

If you suffer as badly from dried skin as me and my sister as a result of sitting in an environment cooled by air conditioning you will understand it can be a problem.

Ever since we had our air con installed by Snowman evaporative cooler installation Melbourne at company SozoSisters HQ it’s been a constant battle to keep our skin looking the way we like.

Air conditioning might be essential to any contemporary office or home, but arguably exposure to air conditioning can be damaging for skin health. Let’s explore what air conditioning causes and how to mend its undesirable side-effects.


Staying for prolonged periods in a room with constant air conditioning really dries your skin and can cause many problems related to this condition.

Should you already suffer from some conditions like eczema or psoriasis, then air condition can really deteriorate your skin health and create a ton of problems over time.

The problem is that air conditioning is evident almost everywhere in our daily routine, thus it is a need to save your skin from air conditioning via other means.

As you might already guess, it is essential to maintain the moisture of your skin if you want to keep it healthy and youthful throughout your life.


You should apply often moisturizing lotions on your face and your body, as this will really help your skin rejuvenate and retain its health despite the hostile environment that it daily faces.

Follow this advice, and you can be sure that your skin will flourish and it will be as youthful as it was before you started living daily in air conditioned places.

Tips for Dairy & Gluten Free Living

Tips for Dairy & Gluten Free Living

Lots of people are opting for a gluten and dairy free lifestyle, some choose this because of sensitivities and others just to live a healthier lifestyle.   For those with allergies or Celiac disease, it is important to avoid wheat and wheat products.  Here are some tips for dairy & gluten free living.

Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet is important for everyone, but those who must keep these ingredient out of their diet that is found in so many foods that people normally eat.  You must keep it a priority to eat balanced meals with proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains (without gluten) and foods high in calcium.  Here is a video to help you out.

Cooking With Corn

Corn can be found in many foods, and it can often be used as a substitute ingredient to replace wheat. Consider keeping things on hand like tortillas, and popcorn, as well as corn chips and corn bread.


Find a bakery that makes delicious and healthful gluten and dairy free baked goods, try a health food store for the best selection. Besides breads, the bakery can make specialty cupcakes and other gluten-free desserts. The specialty bakery will likely have a pretty big variety of desserts, breads and other treats that are made without wheat flour or dairy products.

Getting Creative with Rice

Like corn, rice is also a versatile grain. Some of the many ways to eat rice are crackers, bread and pasta. When craving pasta, try using some rice noodles instead.  They are pretty common in Asian cuisines and make delicious noodles dishes.

Can Be Winning

Just because people do not have time or desire to cook elaborate meals does not mean the food has to be boring; they just need to be balanced. Simple and healthy can be a celebration of flavors and textures, like fruits and nuts, chips and dips and homemade soups with corn or rice bread.

Include Fun Foods

Include fun food favorites like candies, macaroons and brownies as an occasional treat. Of course, fun foods do not have to be sweet, but they can be popular treats like mixed olives, crunchy nuts and experiment with some dairy free dips, they are tastier than you think.

Living without gluten or dairy in your diet is definitely not an easy task if you are just getting started living a gluten free life. Learning the basics of protecting yourself will give you the confidence you need to keep eating the foods that you love. The hardest part of living without wheat in your diet is the initial adjustment period, it will be second nature in no time.